The Croft Medical Centre

Barnham Road



We are proposing to provide exciting new healthcare premises for The Croft Practice. The location is on land adjoining the existing surgery on Barnham Road, Eastergate. The planning application follows previous planning permission in 2017 for a similar scheme at the site. The proposed development will provide a modern, sustainable building in accordance with modern day primary healthcare standards. The Practice is urgently in need of additional clinical capacity, and new facilities in line with the demands of modern healthcare.


The Croft Practice has worked with Arun District Council to investigate other potential sites within the locality for a new-build medical centre, we have concluded that the land adjoining the Practice’s Barnham Road site is the most suitable.


The proposal is wholly supported by local, regional and national strategies for primary care and has been developed with the full support of the Partners at The Croft Practice and the NHS Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group.


The pre-planning public consultation and feedback period on the design has now concluded.  Thank you for all the comments. These have been reviewed by the design team and practice, and where applicable revisions made to the design and or suggestions noted.  The updated proposals are the subject of a planning application that has been submitted to the Arun District Council; additional comments can be made as part of that process.

The Croft Medical Centre

Barnham Road


West Sussex

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Proposed Design

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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand more about the plans, we have put together the following frequently asked questions from previous feedback and queries we have received:

Primary Care services in the area are extremely stretched. I accept that people need housing - but won’t a development of this kind do more harm than good?

Primary Care deals with 95% of the clinical workload on a daily basis, with 5% being dealt with by the local hospitals. It is the responsibility of local healthcare commissioners and the NHS authority to address at how primary care services cope with an expanding population.

Will there be more GPs in the doctors’ surgery to cope with the increased demand that new housing will create?

The proposed building will be designed to accommodate enough clinical and support staff to cater for the existing population as well as those from the new development. Our staffing structure has outgrown the current building, preventing us from recruiting or training additional staff.

I have to drive to the surgery - will I be able to park?

Yes, the proposed site will have a dedicated car park.

Will the existing GP surgery remain open or will it be replaced?

The current surgery sites will close and all the services will move to the new location. There will only be one surgery which will be big enough to cater for the larger population as well as have room for future expansion. A new surgery has been planned for Eastergate for more than 15 years but has sadly not yet come to fruition.

Will the new development be sustainable?

Yes, the NHS specifically requires sustainability at the heart of its new developments. The development will be constructed to achieved a rating of “Excellent” under the Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM).

Will the surgery offer NHS medical facilities such as optometrists, chiropodists and dentists?

Additional services could be provided within the new building but will be subject to approval by the NHS commissioners and Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group and will require additional space to be provided.

The existing medical and dental services are already stretched. Will waiting times for consultations become longer?

We are in a very fortunate position in Eastergate that our reputation allows us to attract staff, both clinical and non-clinical, but this can be hampered by the lack of room for them, for example in accepting Registrars for training.

When will the surgery be built? Is it on hold until the number of residents at the new housing development is known?

Healthcare for Eastergate and the surrounding area is one of the priorities within the Arun Local Plan. As such, the new surgery will be built at the start of the development.

Will there be any issues in attracting and retaining doctors?

Retention of GPs, clinical and administrative staff is not an issue. The GP staffing at Eastergate has been stable for many years, and while we have experienced retirements and necessary change, we are fortunate enough to have recruited young people who can grow with the current population.